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Director's Statement

What does freedom mean to me? As I get older and older, the vision of who I want to be becomes more and more blurred. I spent my first 14 years in China, and the next 10 years in United States. I’ve come to realize that all my life, I’ve been carrying two burdens on my back, the burden of my heritage, and the burden of the American values. They’re like two streams of voices, constantly telling me who I ought to be. How can I find my own path with these two heavy burdens on my shoulder? Perhaps the only way, is to let them go. This film is a dramatized expression of these feelings. Only when the old culture is shattered, when all influences are purged, then the new culture can start, in complete freedom.

But will I ever be forgiven? Perhaps not, but that might be the necessary fate of revolutionaries, the weltgeist, the avant garde. 

Mida Chu

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