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2021, period drama short, 15 min

A young indentured Chinese prostitute must overcome her toxic dependency on the brothel madam on the eve of the 1885 anti-Chinese riot in Eureka, California.

In 1885, the racial tension has reached a boiling point in Eureka, CA. The white residents have issued a final eviction notice to the Chinese. Longlong, an 18-year-old indentured prostitute, clinches this as an opportunity to rebel against the brothel madam, but upon given the option to leave, her will falters. She must reconcile her hatred with her toxic dependency on the madam, and discover what freedom really means outside the brothel door.

composed, written, and directed by Miida Chu

produced by Xianqi Crystal Du

cinematography by Qingzhuo Wang

production design by Xi Chen Chou

edited by Minjae Kang

costume designed by Nan Zhou

makeup and hair by Fengwan Qing

Selected Screenings:

HollyShorts Film Festival

AFI Fest

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival  won Best Narrative Short Golden Reel Award

New Jersey International Film Festival  won Best Short Film

Chelsea Film Festival   won Petite Prix for Best Short Film

SENE Film Festival  won Best Director

Tallgrass Film Festival  won Outstanding Woman Filmmaker

WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival  won Special Jury Remi Award

Miami Film Festival

Nevada City Film Festival

Omaha Film Festival

Sundial Film Festival  won Best of Festival

South Dakota Film Festival  won Best Action Short

Balkan New Film Festival  won Best Female Director

SPE Media Festival  won Best Women's Film

The American Film Award  won Best Short Film


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